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Strange Land Brewery is excited to announce a partnership with Rentsch Brewery.  All SLB beer will be produced in the new state of the art facility allowing us to fully realize our vision of craft beer.  Additionally, Strange Land beers will be served on draft in our amazing shared tap room with events though out the year to celebrate our craft beer and the folks who enjoy them, cheers!

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Roots. History. Tradition.



hese are nouns we’re told to respect, to honor, to remember, to stay true to. And yet, every moment in the past was once modern, and every passed-modern moment had a hint of the future—an eye focused beyond the glass in front of it.

Our story is not unlike many a beer journeyman before us—we’re intoxicated with the mystery of fermentation, the possibilities of taste, and chasing after unexplored horizons. Our goal is simply to make beer —

The Beer Less Traveled
Austinite Flagship


n 1829, a British brewery produced a pale ale with high hop content to preserve the beer for the long voyage to India. We were inspired to produce an IPA that blends old-world traditions with modern dry-hopping techniques. The result delicately balances malt body with hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. A striking nose of citrus, pineapple and floral notes dances with juicy flavors of melon and hop resin. A solid foundation of bitterness is derived from classic hop varieties, Magnum and Cascade, which is then augmented by continual dry-hopping of the modern hop varieties of TripelPearl, Simcoe and Citra.

The Austinite
Austinite Flagship
The Austinite


he Austinite Pilz, our postmodern take on the pilsner, is top-fermented at low temperature and lightly lagered to produce a light-to-medium body and clean finish. Czech-grown malt exhibits a distinctive “Bohemian” complexity and rich maltiness, which is accented by pronounced noble hop aromas of spice and flavors of citrus. Naturally conditioned, it pours golden in color with a creamy white head.

The Austinite
Ploughshare Flagship
Ploughshare Flagship


efreshing and invigorating, Saisons were originally brewed for seasonal workers on Belgian farms in Wallonia. Ploughshare is light and dry, with a subtle sweetness from malted wheat–perfect to slake your thirst as you come in off the field.

Ploughshare Flagship
Alemannia Flagship
Alemannia Flagship


lemannia is crafted in the old-world German Altbier tradition, from a time before lager yeasts were discovered. German hops impart hints of clove and pepper, and light malts bestow a character of freshly baked bread. Alemannia takes you back to a time when full-flavored yet straightforward beer was the standard daily drink.

Alemannia Flagship
Entire Flagship
Entire Header


tep into 18th century London with an Entire, the original Porter. Unlike weaker table beers, the Entire was historically brewed with the full runnings of the mash, providing a deep, rich flavor. Our re-creation honors this tradition by combining dark malts with British hops and yeast. Delicate chocolate notes accent its full body and spicy hop character.

Entire Flagship
Small Batch Reserves
Last Gentleman Reserve
The Last Gentleman Small Batch Reserve.


eginning as an Entire Porter and left to mature for sixty days under the mellowing effects of bourbon-infused oak, the velvety Last Gentleman is gallant, sophisticated, and rebellious — as if he were the reckoning between all good teachings, wanton desire, and the rising and setting of the sun.

The Last Gentleman Small Batch Reserve.


Batch # 0001         Date Bottled: 2-27-15
Batch # 0002         Date Bottled: 5-27-15
Batch # 0003         Date Bottled: 6-23-15
Batch # 0004         Date Bottled: 7-16-15
Batch # 0005         Date Bottled: 9-29-15
Batch # 0006         Date Bottled: 11-6-15
Batch # 0007         Date Bottled: 2-1-16
Batch # 0008         Date Bottled: 3-8-16
Batch # 0009         Date Bottled: 7-21-16
Batch # 00010         Date Bottled: 3-6-17
Batch # 00011         Date Bottled: 7-20-17

Bishopsgate Reserve
Bishopsgate Small Batch Reserve


arleywines were originally brewed to replace French wines in the cellars of the most discerning British drinkers. An abundance of malted barley gives Bishopsgate a rich complexity, starting with a floral nose and ending with a full-bodied toffee finish. These intense flavors are aged for sixty days and, if cellared, will continue to mingle and harmonize for years.

Bishopsgate Small Batch Reserve


Batch # 0001         Date Bottled: 6-15-15
Batch # 0002         Date Bottled: 8-31-15
Batch # 0003         Date Bottled: 12-2-15
Batch # 0004         Date Bottled: 8-9-16

Atholl Brose Reserve
Atholl Brose Reserve


n 1475, the 1st Earl of Atholl vanquished his enemies after filling their well with an intoxicating mixture of Scotch whisky, oats and honey. This legend has been kept alive by the equally legendary whisky concoction known as Atholl Brose. Drawing inspiration from this tradition, we’ve crafted our Scotch ale with Central Texas Wildflower honey, flaked oats, and oak infused with a blend of single malt Scotch whiskies.

Atholl Brose


Batch # 0001         Date Bottled: 3-4-15
Batch # 0002         Date Bottled: 5-18-15
Batch # 0003         Date Bottled: 6-11-15
Batch # 0004         Date Bottled: 11-18-15
Batch # 0005         Date Bottled: 3-22-16
Batch # 0006         Date Bottled: 7-6-16
Batch # 0007         Date Bottled: 1-30-17
Batch # 0008         Date Bottled: 5-17-17
Batch # 0009         Date Bottled: 7-27-17
Batch # 0010         Date Bottled: 8-10-17

Belgian Tripel


nspired by the rich Abbey brewing tradition, Fleur D’Oranger Belgian Tripel is golden in color with a pronounced citrus nose. We use artisanal Orange Blossom Honey to impart vibrant fruit-forward flavors balanced with an intentional bitterness derived from Goldings hops and the use of dried sweet orange peels. Coriander rounds out the complex flavor profile with a hint of lemon and a warm nutty spiciness.

Fleur d'Oranger


Batch # 0001         Date Bottled: 12-28-16
Batch # 0002         Date Bottled: 4-4-17
Batch # 0003         Date Bottled: 6-21-17

Dewi Sant, Braggot


ailing from Wales Braggots are an ancient drink brewed as far back as the 6th Century. We’ve resurrected this long-forgotten tradition through the mystical union of artisinal honey, robust malts, and vivid hops. In honor of Saint David, the patron Saint of Wales: Iechyd da!

Dewi Sant


Batch # 0001         Date Bottled: 1-26-15 (Cellar Release)
Batch # 0002         Date Bottled: 3-15-16